System Implementation Advisory

Axcelasia’s System Implementation Advisory allows client to gain visibility on system implementation from a third-party perspective to manage with the risks, issues and challenges. Our services covers the following stages of system implementation:

  • System Tender Advisory;
  • IT Project Management;
  • System Performance Advisory; and
  • Post Implementation Audit.

We advise our clients on how to utilise information technology in order to meet their business objectives. In so doing, we will plan the project scope, design the IT system and manage the monitoring platforms designed for our clients.

Our IT professional team has experience in various sizes of IT project. Depending on the issues and challenges faced by client, we are able to immediately study and advise the client on the next course of action.

Our Business Leader
Kenny Harris Wong
Kenny Harris WongManaging Director, Axcelasia
Contact me for further details: (603) 2775 8989