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Risk Management Module

Risk Management Module (RMM) is one of EMS’ 6 key modules and a core function together with Incident Management within the GRC portal. This tool can be used by all organisations to promote good Corporate Governance locally or abroad as we adhere to the international framework (ISO31000, A&Z and COSO) for GRC.

Now, RMM supports Business Risk, Project Risk and Product Risk templates by means of separate forms but under single measurement framework. These forms help an organisation manage risks, from conceptualisation of a product to project implementation, productisation and eventually turning these risks into business risks.

RMM also supports both Quantitative and Qualitative impact measurements. Quantitative measurements are no longer confined to only monetary values, any measurable values can be used. Jail terms, death, adverse reporting in local newspapers, etc. can be used for Qualitative measurements.

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