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ISMS Module

The rising number of security breaches over the years have contributed to increasing security concerns among organisations throughout the world. In today’s knowledge-based society, information has become the single most important commercial product.

Information is a vital asset for corporate groups, companies and public authorities. As global business networks become more interlinked, information is exposed to even more threats. Daily, reports on data theft, hacker attacks, illegal information leakage, cyber criminality and even cyber war dresses the headlines. 

Your organisation success in business heavily depends on its capability to adequately encounter risks and threats and to flexibly and dynamically implement adaptations and changes in your organisation.

ISMS helps to evaluate valuable information and assets actively and dynamically in a single tool. IT Risk Management is a core competency for governance, risk, and compliance programmes. Organisations with appropriate maturity can use this module to automate effective IT risk management processes.

Our tool is aligned to the ISO31000 risk assessment process. We further enhanced the framework to link assets to risk profiles. Controls implementation must be in accordance to the Statement of Applicability (SOA) with controls as per ISO27001 recommendations as well as additional controls that your organisations deem appropriate.

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