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Compliance Management Module

Today’s dynamic and borderless business environment is constantly impacted by evolving technologies that seek to support businesses, employers and other stakeholders. At the same time, there are increasing expectations for transparency and accountability while regulatory and reporting requirements become more frequent and stringent.

To remain both compliant and competitive, organisations need to identify relevant and applicable business processes and functions, and occupational, safety, health and environmental (OSHE) requirements that will affect their services, products and operations. To support these activities, systems need to be implemented to measure compliance, share best practices and report performances to the Board of Directors and / or relevant regulatory bodies on a timely basis.
Compliance Management Module (CMM) provides a common framework and an integrated approach to manage the range of regulatory and corporate compliance requirements as per your definitions. As regulatory compliance requirements increase in volume, complexity, and timely reporting, organisations are fast realising that the traditional approach of managing compliance in silos, using manual tools and spreadsheets, is neither effective nor efficient.
Key Highlights:

  • Enables an efficient approach to compliance by simplifying end-to-end workflows;
  • Automates control assessments, reporting, and issue remediation;
  • Helps obtain a holistic view of compliance across the organisation; and
  • Provides continuous monitoring over the compliance management processes through dashboards and charts that display real-time information.