EMS Software

Our EMS application software include the following modules:

ems module

  • Risk Management;
  • Compliance Management;
  • Information Security Management System;
  • Incident & Insurance; and 
  • Internal Audit.

Our EMS application software which adhere to the international frameworks (ISO30000, ISO27001, A&Z and COSO) aims at automating Governance, Risk and Control ("GRC") processes in a single tool, act as early warning system and providing client the access to information everywhere and anywhere. 

The EMS application software provide dashboard view of the GRC environment, enhances the follow up and tracking of GRC issues and action plans implementation, and promotes self-assessment through interactive workshop / brainstorming and self-regulatory through e-filing and submission of checklists. This, in return, helps to embed risk management culture into the organisation.

With the EMS application software, our clients are able to reap to following benefits: 

ems benefits

With our EMS tool, our customers can expect from us:

  • In-house domain expertise in both risk management consultancy and IT system to support the discipline;
  • Experienced professionals to develop robust applications;
  • Continuous program enhancement and support;
  • Modification and customization based on our customers’ requirements;
  • Zero hassle of user license management and costing; and
  • Our team of software developers are also the founders and shareholders, as such, ensuring the highest level of commitment to our customers.

And most important of all, we are committed to ensure our customers are successful in their GRC exercises.