Ranjit Singh | Regional Managing Director


Ranjit Singh has a special focus on ERM, internal audit, forensic accounting and transformation & programme management services. He has 30 years experience in these fields through his assignments and appointments in Malaysia and the USA. Ranjit was a partner of KPMG where he pioneered the ERM, internal audit and forensic practice.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Global Institute of Internal Auditors (“IIA”). Ranjit was a member of the Global IIA Audit Committee, IIA’s International Internal Audit Standards Board and President of Asian Confederation of Institute of Internal Auditors (ACIIA). He is also a Board member and Past President of the IIA Malaysia.

He has led and completed governance, ERM, internal audit and forensic accounting projects at more than 150 companies (PLCs, GLCs & MNCs) covering various industries. 

Ranjit was selected as the Chairman for the Panel of Judges for Risk Manager of the Year 2010 Award. Ranjit was also invited to be an Adjudicator for the NACRA awards for the past 5 years. He also led five one-day workshops for Bursa Malaysia Berhad on ERM & internal controls for past 4 years.

He has a truly international perspective of best practices as he has completed assignments in more than 30 countries, including Australia, Philippines, Panama, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, India, China, Solomon Islands, Morocco, Fiji, Syria, Jordan, Djibouti, Mongolia, Kenya, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Sudan.

Ranjit has appeared on TV and Radio shows including Biz talk (Astro Awani) and live on BFM's breakfast grille programmes on the subjects of internal audit, risk and governance.
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Derek Lee Siew Weng | Senior Executive Director


Derek Lee has over 28 years of experiences in strategic management advisory, enterprise risk management, corporate governance, business continuity, business process enhancement, both ‘Pre & Post - IPO’ internal control advisory, and strategic risk-based internal audit.

He has led and completed advisory assignments at more than 100 organisations that operating in various industries such as financial institution, manufacturing (various industrial and consumer products); oil & gas; automotive; OSV; power & energy; property development; construction; leisure & hospitality; services and etc.

Derek has led and successfully completed many strategic, risk and controls advisory assignments in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar for large private and public listed companies. Derek is also certified by the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc (USA) as an External Quality Assessor of Internal Audit Functions.

He has been involved in training Board and senior level management on business continuity, risk management, internal controls and corporate governance subjects.

Packed with experiences in both commercial organisation and professional advisory services, Derek has successfully assisted many organisations in sharpened their risk responding strategy, and elevated their knowledge of strategic execution.

Derek is passionate to help organisations seeing the unseen risks & challenges, sharing of ideas and working closely with business owners and corporate leaders in developing practical & comprehensive solutions.
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Noradlan Abdul Latif | Executive Director


Noradlan has more than 25 years of experience in internal & external audit, governance, risk and integrated reporting. He previously worked with KPMG for 16 years, both in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia prior to joining Axcelasia.

He has been involved with clients which have diverse interests in various industries. He has worked extensively in Malaysia,  throughout Southeast Asia and in the Middle East including Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Noradlan conducted and advised clients in many corporate governance, risk management, compliance, internal controls reviews, internal audit and integrated reporting and sustainability engagements. In the governance area, he helped developed corporate governance frameworks and  reviewed governance model of clients covering their board structure, composition and responsibilities, qualifications of board members, performance appraisal, remuneration committee structure, establishment of strategic direction and measuring organisational success. He assisted clients in establishing their risk management functions, developing their risk management policies and procedures manual and instituted risk management awareness throughout clients’ organisation. He also advised clients in their enterprise risk management, conducted risk assessment workshops and reporting the results to the Boards.

He acted as project managers in various internal audit co-sourcing and out-sourcing engagements. He had conducted Sarbanes-Oxley S304 and 404 reviews ranging from documenting processes and internal controls to testing the internal controls in accordance with SOX requirements.  He was the co-project manager for a United Nation’s Tsunami Fund reviewing the implementing agencies initiatives and programmes against the objectives set by the donor countries.

Noradlan had assisted and advised listed companies in integrated reporting and sustainability frameworks. These engagements cover integrated reporting framework implementation to recommending necessary disclosures in annual reports. He had assisted clients with their sustainability reporting requirements, establishing sustainability processes and creating awareness on sustainability.
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Joe Lee | Executive Director


Joe Lee
has 20 years of experience in external and internal audit advisory, risk management, governance, financial management, business process enhancement, transformation and cost savings services.

He had the experience of working in a cross-functional commercial environment that covers the areas of procurement, sales and marketing, warehousing and distribution, inventory, logistic, production, orders processing, contracts and project implementation. Joe is also certified by the Institute of Supply Management Inc (USA) as a Certified Professional in Supply Management.

He has led many cross-functional cost savings projects in the areas of fuel diversification, packaging improvement, MRO materials consolidation, logistics rationalisation, inventory reduction and etc.

He has led and completed risk management and internal audit projects at more than 40 companies involved in various industries such as manufacturing (various industrial and consumer products); oil & gas; automotive; power & energy; property development; construction; leisure & hospitality services and etc.

Joe has led and successfully completed many internal audit and risk management assignments in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and etc for large private and public listed companies.

Prior to his current appointment, Joe had worked with KPMG, Arthur Andersen, public listed companies and multi-national corporations (MNC) in Malaysia, Switzerland and Vietnam.

Packed with various experience in both local and international organisations, Joe has developed capabilities in strategic planning and management, financial and management accounting, risk management, internal control assessment, operational reviews and business processes improvement.
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