Financial Reporting Advisory

Most finance departments face the following two essential issues in our current environment:

  • A worldwide convergence of accounting regulations with continuous accounting changes, creating changes in processes and unprecedented complexity; and
  • Continuous globalisation and value creation strategies resulting in complex cross-border M&A activities and continuous asset portfolio management.
In order to be successful in this environment, organisations need to proactively understand and assess the impact of any decisions taken on their financial performance. This includes putting increased effort into financial management, such as accessing and assessing technical accounting knowledge when it is needed, and identifying the need for clear and consistent accounting policies and guidelines.

Our Services are as follows:

  • We are able to assist clients in assessing the impact of new accounting standards or frameworks on their business operations.
  • We are also able to support, design and implement accounting policies and guidelines. Contract accounting support is also an available option as many clients rather focus on core activities.
  • Along with advising, we are able to develop tools for implementing new accounting standards or frameworks which supports decision-making.
  • We provide effective hands-on training for the finance department which is adapted to the company and its issues.
Lastly, we are able to assist in preparing the financial statements to ensure relevant disclosures are included and assess that the accounting systems and tax implications are considered during the implementation of the relevant accounting standards or framework.

Our Business Leader
Sivaruban Kandasamy
Sivaruban KandasamyExecutive Director: Axcelasia Global
Contact me for further details: (603) 2032 2899