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As an organisation grows and expands, so does the headcount, which leads to an increasing emphasis on the human resource (“HR”) function to ensure the human capital of the organisation is well-managed and is aligned to the organisation’s strategies, objectives and goals.

Axcelasia HR Consulting (“Axcelasia HRC”) offers a breadth of specialist expertise in critical areas for business leaders and human resources function, which include:

  • Organisational Design Development
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Succession Planning / Talent Assessment
  • Executive Search and Placement / Recruitment
  • Competency Modelling / Harrison Assessment / Training Assessment
  • Performance Management System
  • Employee Engagement Survey and Programmes
Our team of consulting professionals possess vast industry experience, coupled with in-depth technical know-how, is at your service to provide and deliver all of your organisational human resources needs.

Organisational Design Development

Does your existing organisational design and structure fits the latest organisational goals and strategies? Are work productivity, innovation and communication being bogged down due to unstructured work flow, procedures, structures and systems? Have you got the right people at the right place to drive your business forward?

At Axcelasia HRC, we provide an array of solutions for your organisational development needs, including structural analysis, job evaluation, manpower rationalisation and etc.
The benefits of an organisational design development include:

  • Laying out the official reporting relationships that govern the workflow of the organisation;
  • Improving operational efficiency by providing clarity to employees at all levels of the organisation; and
  • Organising people within the structure that will support the mission, vision, goals and activities of an organisation to operate more efficiently and effectively.
HR Policies & Procedures
A standardised set of human resources policies and procedures and formalisation of the employee benefits are imperative to avoid any misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

At Axcelasia HRC, we assist clients to develop / update the HR policies and procedures manual ensuring compliance with employment legislation as well as informing employees of their responsibility and organisation expectations. We also assist clients to develop / update the Employee Handbook as well as providing advice on best practices in the industry.

Succession Planning / Talent Assessment

How would you imagine your organisation to run its business in the event of a sudden prolonged departure of its key business leader and decision maker?

With Axcelasia HRC’s Succession Planning advisory service, you will be able to reaped the below benefit:

  • Build talent pipelines for key positions
  • Identify employees who have the current skills, or the potential to develop skills, that can help move up in an organisation, or on to other positions;
  • Identify other areas of performance where employees may be weak and where training could help to manage and improve performance outcomes; and
  • Identify gaps between current competency and expected competency levels.
Executive Search and Placement / Recruitment

Executive Search & Recruitment is a section of HR Consulting responsible for working with clients on their search for management candidates to fill current vacant positions in their organisations. In most cases, these roles could be on urgent basis – for replacement or organisation expansion.

At Axcelasia HRC, we have a wide experience in securing roles such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, HR and IT. Our service include searching for suitable candidates across multiple platforms and engaging them with the potential offer of the job. Once shortlisted, our team of professionals will handle all the arrangements for interview, remuneration management, negotiation on clients’ behalf and acceptance of offer.

Axcelasia HRC’s Executive Search & Recruitment service is able to assist clients in managing their time and resources in vetting through potential candidates and delivering candidates that would be difficult to source. Our service reduces the tedious and time-consuming component of finding and hiring the right person for the role. Hence, this allows our clients to focus on more pressing matters in the organisation.

Competency Modelling / Harrison Assessment / Training Assessment

Axcelasia HRC is an approved Harrison Assessment partner to provide you the latest cloud-based talent management technology. The online assessment uses psychometric tests and predictive analysis to acquire, develop, lead and engage talents for continuous growth. 

Our services are suited for companies who are looking at:

  • Hiring and retaining top talents
  • Identifying talent development strength & gaps
  • Building a culture of engagement amongst employees
  • Building talent pipelines for succession planning
Performance Management System
Performance management system is much more than KPIs and performance appraisals. An effective performance management system aligns the expected performance of employees to the organisational missions, goals and objectives as well as provides improvements areas and development plans to close the competency gap.

A well-structured performance management system allows the companies to:

  • Align individual employee’s day-to-day actions with strategic business objectives;
  • Provide visibility and clarify accountability related to performance expectations;
  • Document individual performance to support compensation and career planning decisions; and
  • Establish focus for skill development and learning activity choices.
Employee Engagement Survey and Programmes
People are the heart of the business. However, companies may find it hard to balance between productivity and the employee motivation.

AHRC’s Employee Engagement advisory service assists companies who are looking to achieve an engaged workforce with the willingness and ability to go the extra mile that contributes to improved financial and operational results.
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