Business Transformation

For the past decade, we have seen various shift in business environment, from technology disruption to oil price crash and Industry Revolution 4.0. Organisations need to reposition and realign themselves with the present business environment to achieve better operational capabilities.

At Axcelasia, we have assisted clients with their transformation programmes, which entails redefining our client’s business strategies and goals, business processes, human resources and technology tools to meet their current and future business needs.

Our detailed services include, amongst others:

  • Issue strategic study reports on the organisation;
  • Provide implementation advice throughout the transformation programme; and
  • Issue blueprints on the alignment of the organisation’s business strategies, business processes, people & organisation and information technology.

Business Continuity Management

Our clients increasingly realise the need to implement business continuity plans in the eventuality of certain events such as disasters. We assist our clients in developing business continuity management programmes, carrying out business impact analysis and risk assessments, preparing business continuity strategies and plans, and monitoring the implementation of their business continuity programmes. We also test out our client’s implemented business continuity plans, conduct training and promote the general awareness of business continuity management issues. 

Our Business Leader
Derek Lee
Derek LeeManaging Director, Axcelasia
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