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Business Process Improvement

As organisations strive for continuous improvements, Business Process Improvement (“BPI”) allows clients to streamline activities by removing non-value adding processes as well as strengthen areas of weaknesses to improve quality, productivity, and response time. Ultimately, the internal controls and processes in place shall be optimised and commensurate with the potential risk and threats.

Axcelasia’s BPI advisory services assists clients in optimising business process effectiveness and efficiency, reducing lead time and achieving potential cost savings. Recommendations and solutions are provided to ensure process improvements are realised.

Standard Operating Procedures Development

As the span of control within an organisation increases, the task of managing each and every employee can be challenging. Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP”) provides greater clarity on operational processes, guidelines and workflows, allowing management to place greater focus on strategic issues.

A formalised SOP is value-adding to the following initiatives:

  • Align work processes to business goals and strategies
  • Allow review of work processes to assess readiness for future growth
  • Clear communication of work expectation and understanding on the respective roles and responsibilities
  • Continuity of business knowledge and prevent knowledge loss
  • Maintain quality and consistency of work processes
  • Assist in the development of performance management
  • Reduce employee training time and save training cost

At Axcelasia, our team of professionals possess comprehensive knowledge and understanding on global best practices to assist your organisation in developing a practical solutions that aligns with the business goals and strategies. 

Risk Control Self-Assessment

Risk Control Self-Assessment (“RCSA”) is a process in which empowerment is given to the respective management and staff to identify, evaluation and manage risks and associated controls.

In the three lines of defence in effective risk management and control, the management team are the best person to detect any internal control gaps or risks arising as they have first-hand knowledge on operational matters.

As the RCSA can be seemed as a low-level ‘tick box’ exercise with little thought process, it is essential for the organisation to ensure the process is embedded into day-to-day operations and linking to the business goals and strategies. Tone from the top, and organisational culture are also essential to maintain the process as a useful technique to identify and assess risks.  

Backed with comprehensive knowledge on internal controls and risk management, Axcelasia’s professional team have a vast experience in various industries and knowledge on global best practices to assist your organisation in developing a comprehensive and practical RCSA process to suit your organisation needs. Workshops and trainings are also provided to change the mindset and instil organisational culture on RCSA process.

Whistleblowing Framework + Implementation

40% of majority of fraud incidences are detected via tipping by whistleblowers, based on the ACFE Report 2018. While tipping continues to be the most effective method to detect fraud incidences, the barriers to effective whistleblowing largely lies at fear of whistleblowers in reporting incidents to management such as fear of potential dismissal and legal protection. This could be contributed by the deficiency in embedment of whistleblowing process in the organisation, lack of staff awareness and training on effective anti-fraud controls, and ineffective fraud hotline and reporting lines.

At Axcelasia, we provide the following advisory services as well as technology tools to promote and encourage whistleblowing to detect fraud incidents as well as providing you the peace of mind that the whistleblowing process are effective and working.

  • Outsourced fraud hotline
  • Dedicated e-mail whistleblowing channel
  • Whistleblowing policy & procedures
  • EMS Whistleblowing Module
  • Whistleblowing awareness / refresher sessions

Corporate Liability Act Advisory

Commercial liability has come under the spotlight since the Malaysian Parliament gazetted the MACC Amendments Act on 4th May 2018 which introduces a new corporate liability clause (Section 17A). The amendments made which will be enforced starting 1 June 2020 affects all commercial organisation and associated persons.

Greater emphasis is now placed on the commercial organisation to demonstrate that adequate procedures are in place to prevent any bribery and corruption offences.

While a certain degree of Code of Ethics / Code of Conduct may be in place in the organisations, there is still a lack of strong corporate culture with a clear fraud risk strategy and limited availability of internal resources to address fraud risk proactively.

Axcelasia will assist you in this journey from setting up policy, managing corruption risk, enhancing control measures, monitoring & reporting and training & communication to prepare your organisation ahead in combating corruption. Our services include: 


Forensic Accounting

With the increasing complexity in business processes, fraudulent activities are getting more difficult to be detected. Fraudsters are looking at circumventing the established controls, rather than a direct breach of internal controls.

If fraud or irregularities are suspected, the key question to ask is: Does your organisation have appropriate response plan, procedures, methodologies and qualified personnel to carry out the investigation?

Axcelasia’s forensic team has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to conduct forensic investigation to assess any financial, non-financial and regulatory irregularities. Identification of control failures and process improvement are also provided to prevent your organisation from potential fraudulent incidents moving forward.


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