Our subsidiary, Axcelasia Softnex Sdn Bhd, develops and maintains the EMS Applications software for our clients. This software provides our clients with a user interface to input certain operational information, thereby creating a dashboard view of our client's governance, risk and compliance issues. Our EMS Applications software include the following modules:

ERM Module

In utilising this module, our clients are able to track their risk exposure in relation to the various stages of product development, project management and daily operations. It allows our clients to build and track their action plans, and highlight key business process risks to them.



Compliance Management Module

Our clients, especially those in highly regulated industries, often have to comply with numerous regulatory requirements. This module allows our clients to track compliance filings through user-friendly checklists, and raises follow-up reminders in relation to our client's action plans.

Whistle-Blowing Module

This module enables our client to automate the documentation and support of whistle-blowing cases.

Internal Audit Module

This module enables our clients to fully automate their internal audit processes including managing work papers, generating internal audit reports, recording the time incurred in completing each internal audit engagement, staff scheduling and monitoring the status of internal audit findings.

Incident and Insurance Management Module

Employees can enter details of workplace health and safety incidents into our EMS Application software, which keeps a database of details such as the cause, location and time of the incident, and the impact of the incident on the organisation. Upon being notified of the incident, our client can immediately validate the incident and submit details to the insurance agent through our EMS Application software for processing of insurance claims.


This module provides our clients a systematic approach for the identification, assessment and management of information security risks. This will help clients to minimise the impact that various security related threats and vulnerabilities might have on an organisation.