We provide strategic advice to private companies, public listed companies and government linked entities, which operate in various industries. Our Business Consultancy services encompass the following areas:

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance and Compliance: As our clients face increasing demands for compliance with regulations, we also review our clients’ practices to ensure that they comply with the applicable codes of corporate governance as well as provide recommendations for improvement. Our services in governance and compliance include assessing (a) corporate governance processes, (b) corporate social responsibility policies, (c) compliance with internal control requirements, (d) organisations’ board effectiveness, training and remuneration reviews, and (e) organisations’ risk control self-assessment processes.

Risk: We assist organisations with the implementation and enhancement of their Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM’) processes. We provide a holistic service which would generally commence with setting up an ERM framework (including policies and procedures) followed by an initial identification of our clients’ risks. We assist in developing key actions plans as well as monitor their action plans to manage these risks. We also provide ERM training sessions to increase our client’s awareness of ERM issues, as well as facilitate workshops on risk identification, profiling, and assessment. The integration of ERM for our clients would entail, among others, planning our client’s business strategies, proposing investments or joint ventures, improving operational processes and performance management

Internal Audit

We provide internal audit and technology audit services to our clients as part of their corporate governance and compliance requirements. Our methodology includes carrying out a highlevel risk review of our client, determining the audit focus areas, assessing their internal controls, followed by communicating and reporting these results to the responsible persons within those organisations such as our client’s audit committee.

Forensic Accounting

We carry out forensic investigation to assess any financial, nonfinancial and regulatory irregularities. We assist our clients in implementing procedures to prevent future recurrence and provide fraud risk assessment. We also assist our clients in establishing a whistle-blowing framework including a fraud hotline in our position as an independent third party, as well as provide litigation support in relation to such fraud matters.

IT Consulting

We advise our clients on how to utilise information technology in order to meet their business objectives. In so doing, we will plan the project scope, design the IT system and manage the monitoring platforms designed for our clients.

Business Continuity Management

Our clients increasingly realise the need to implement business continuity plans in the eventuality of certain events such as disasters. We assist our clients in developing business continuity management programmes, carrying out business impact analysis and risk assessments, preparing business continuity strategies and plans, and monitoring the implementation of their business continuity programmes. We also test out our client’s implemented business continuity plans, conduct training and promote the general awareness of business continuity management issues.

Human Resource

We provide a wide spectrum of human resource services such as, inter alia, designing and developing the necessary organisational structures, systems and policies for our clients, manpower planning and optimisation, talent management, employee engagement surveys and implementing a comprehensive performance management system. We also develop HR policies and procedures and employee handbooks for our clients.

Business Unit
Enterprise Risk Management & Corporate Governance Mandy Siew ms@axcelsia.com
Internal Control Noor Lilah Wati nlw@axcelasia.com
Business Improvement David Low dltw@axcelasia.com
IT Audit Lim Boon Hung lbh@axcelasia.com
Business Continuity Management Michael Low ml@axcelasia.com
Human Resource Sheila Nainappan sn@axcelasia.com